Day 6: The post-women man...

As I reflect on my next set of choices, I'm fortunate to have several people willing to offer advice and guidance (And whiskey) on how to make decisions and the motivations behind them. I think that moving to the USA makes practical sense from a work point of view, but given the bumps in my life over the last six months, it's not a huge leap of the imagination for some friends to draw the link between my career motivations and my romantic state.

Whether a full scale Monty Python style 'run away!' from the harder parts of my previous relationship, or a head-long Bruno Mars fuelled dash into my new one, many people are particularly keen for me to 'not allow women to influence my decision.' Other strange phrases meander their way into the conversation. "Make sure you're doing this for you..." as if I'm a career housewife from an 80s soap taking up painting after a divorce.

My impression based on my years on this earth is that you can't really peel apart the different layers, especially if those relationships were and are for real. Saying that, a number of older male friends seem to have attained this Zen-like Post-women state where they appear to have limited the value of female interaction to its most basic. Everyone knows someone like this. The 'All they do is break your heart' guy or girl.

I'm happy to say, I'm about as far from post-women as it is possible to be. You girls rock, and the journey I'm on is a story that like all the best ones, benefits greatly from a romantic subplot that routinely threatens to overshadow the main theme.

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