URGENT: Unite or die UK progressives

The really shoddy thing about being a progressive is the fact that you are, on some level, always expected to turn the other cheek. We can't question certain ideas because 'everyone is entitled to their opinion' even if that opinion is dull as mince or purchased by a political and media machine that doesn't bother with ideas but plays exactly the hand that will allow it to triumph under the existing system.

I'm a political optimist, but I've had it. The frankly moronic behaviour of our Prime Minister and senior politicians has gone beyond any ability I have just to chill. 'Defending Britain against Brussel's bureaucrats...' 'The EU is interfering in the general election.' This is Trumpian stuff. Completely empty rhetoric of the kind that is supposed to raise our patriotic fervour to defend an idea of Britain that no longer exists.

Why is Prince Phillip's retirement being trumpeted on the day of an election? Surely not to fill the airwaves with right wing patriotic crap for the whole day? Why is the BBC complicit in this? They must have smart people there too who know that this is a manipulation? (Easy answer - they are complicit because they are complicit - one need only watch this week's This Week to see that.) And the absolute worst thing about it is it all works. A ridiculous and incomprehensible set of Conservative decisions over the last year have somehow, somehow... been rebranded as strong and stable government. I'm not an objective voice here, but I have to ask if we are we all out of our fucking minds being taken in by this?

And amid it all, leafleting as Rome burns sit our progressive parties. A big part of the reason that our recent political coverage has been so slanted is that a forceful, albeit dullard right wing opinion is met with a limp, muddled, half in half out response. Aside from the SNP who are, it seems, the only coherent voice of the progressive in the UK, how can it be that we are going into the 'Brexit election' without a meaningful progressive party to vote for? Now before any Lib Dems start jumping up and down, let me be absolutely direct.

I do not give a fuck about who may or may not be a Liberal Democrat. I do not give a fuck about Labour, or if I'm uncharacteristically brutal about it, trade unions, things that happened to coal miners in the 80s, Margaret Thatcher, The Poll tax... I don't care about any of that when it comes to actually casting a vote and I suspect, a lot of people who care about the country now and in the future feel the same. Give me someone to vote for who does not want to court the UKIP vote. Give me someone who stands up for the importance of how our country conducts itself in the world. Give me something new that sweeps away the need to divide the progressive vote three or more ways while the Tories rack up their hardy, logic proof and self interested supporters. First past the post is not democratic. It's a stupid system that limits the need for our politicians to actually do consensual politics. (This is why we get our butts kicked by Europeans) But it is the system we have, and it should not be the badge of honour for a progressive to as Will McAvoy would say 'to lose so god damned always.'

Tories exist in the grey areas. When the argument is not actually being had or heard, the Daily Mail and those who shout simple answers with a beer in one hand have an audience. Give me someone to vote for with the courage to call a dumb idea a dumb idea. And don't make this a conversation for next year. it will be too late. We need a singular progressive party, standing on progressive ideas and opposed to the Brexit catastrophe to fight this election on our behalf. How can this many people not have a meaningful voice? To play the system we must go outside the system because the system with its media and knights running broadcasters and right wing echo chambers will never allow a traditional progressive party to win.

So, Labour, Lib Dev, Green, do the right thing! This is the death of our nation's credibility, a takeover of extremists and the idiots that follow them. The time to unite is now. This is the only move that can make any difference to what is coming otherwise. Unite or die. Fight for reasoned argument, fact, rational decision making, evidence, science and education, world institutions that make it better, reigning in the excesses of brutal market economics. Make progress. Please... Before something very important in the British identity dies. Something that even I, as a Scot and SNP supporter see and hear and value in England. Not the monarchy, or the flag or the cup of tea or the woman sitting on top of a tank) The very idea of Britain as a forward thinking nation with more in its future than its past is going to die in this election, unless we stop it with something truly radical. Make progress. It's our only hope...

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