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"The number of people who believe they know about screenplays greatly suppasses the number who actually do. The world is full of amazing stories and, call me crazy but I have dedicated my career to writing and realizing them..."

My credits include writing on the 2021 Bollywood/London Gangster movie Jagame Thandhiram, which reached No1 movie status on Netflix in eight countries and was a record acquisition for Netflix by territory.  Producing on Warner Bros/Pressman films feature The Man Who Knew Infinity, (2016) starring Oscar winning actor Jeremy Irons and Oscar nominee Dev Patel and writing on UK feature Thriller The List in 2014.

 In the theatre, my plays ‘Prints of Denmark’ and 'Killing the Dream' were staged in theatres in London in 2007 and 2009 and Prints was nominated for Amnesty International's Freedom of Expression Award.

Quality content matters.  In a world of so much competing material it can be easy to forget what it is capable of.  This site might just remind you.  Professional, accurate content is one thing (though even this can be rarer than one might imagine) but the capacity to take words and develop them into something profound...  To make them powerful... beautiful... make them challenge and change and accomplish their potential?  This is what film makers exist to do, be it in a tweeted sentence, a feature-film or anything in between.

If this is what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place.

I am a Scottish screenwriter and producer living and working between New York and Los Angeles after earning the O1B Visa for Outstanding Ability in the Film and Television Industries.  I studied journalism in my home city of Edinburgh and am a graduate of Birmingham University’s MPhil in Playwrighting Studies. I have 10 years' creative industry experience working on feature film projects in Bollywood, Nollywood, North Africa, and the UK as a screenwriter, producer and consultant. I've developed expertise in various international territories, particularly, India, East Asia and Europe.

Nick Bain

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