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Selected Films

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Global smash hit movie and record Netflix acquisition for a Tamil film. Jagame reached No 1 movie status on Netflix in eight countries and top ten in a further 20 countries. When Bollywood meets London gangsters and Dhanush is starring, anything can happen!

Director:  Karthik Subbaraj

Producers:  Netflix, Reliance

Genre:  Feature Drama/Gangster movie

Writer (English) :  Nick Bain

Budget:  10 M USD

The Man Who Knew Infinity (2016)  FEATURE

Director:  Matt Brown

Producers:  Pressman, Animus Films

Genre:  Feature Drama

Associate Producer:  Nick Bain

Budget:  10 M USD

Internationally distributed drama feature starring Jeremy Irons, Dev Patel and Stephen Fry.  It tells the story of indian mathematics genius Srinivasa Ramanujan and his fateful journey to England at the outset of WW1.

The Boabab Boys (2016)  FEATURE

Director:  Saloum N'Jie

Producers:  3Punk Productions

Genre:  Coming of age/drama

Producer/Writer:  Nick Bain

Budget:  3 M USD

Based on the award winning short film, set inn pre-appartheid South Africa, three teenage punk boys discover what it means to rebel when they try to escape their country for London.  Their journey takes them into the heart of their country's struggle.

 The List (2012)  FEATURE

Director:  Klaus Hutteman

Producers:  Creativity Media

Genre:  Feature Thriller

Additional Screenplay Nick Bain

Budget:   6M USD

Thriller feature starring Sienna Guillory. When an aspiring technologist invents a digital list where the public can nominate the corrupt and unscrupilous, he is lauded by some but makes dangerous enemies when The List goes beyond his control.

 Ziu (2014)

Director:  Bassem Breisch

Producers:  Nu Horizon Entertainment

Genre:  Feature Short

Screenplay Nick Bain

Budget:   120k USD

Featurette directed by Emmy Award Winner Bassem Breisch.  Ziu was one of the first films to depict Libya after the fall of Ghaddafi . It tells the story of a sickly middle aged civil servant called to play his part in the uprising and support the youth.

 Lifetime (2011)

Director:  Nicola Bruce/Hugh Stoddart

Producers:  HS Productions

Genre:  Feature Short

First AD Nick Bain

Budget:  20k USD

Short featurette screened in competition at the Chicago Film Festival, the Cannes short film corner and many more.  The film is the inspiration for the feature film, Lifetime now in production for release in 2017.

 Trouble Sleeping (2009)

Director:  Robert Rae

Producers:  Makar, BBC Films

Genre:  Feature Drama

Script Development Nick Bain

Budget:   1M USD

Film drama charting the lives of refugees resetlling in Scotland after fleeing their homes.  Winner of Best New Work-Fiction at BAFTA New Talent Awards 2008.    Winner Best Film Rockport International Film Festival 2008

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