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As a Lecturer in Screenwriting at the University of Greenwich for four years, I was able to develop and expand my understanding of craft and also influence the courses there to reflect most recent and best industry practice.  I designed and taught on courses from first year up to Masters level in Screenwriting and Playwrighting and still retain my links with the school.  A number of my ex students have gone on to become successful screenwriters in their own right. 

I am currently lecturing for the Mulholland Expat Film Academy in Amsterdam, delivering courses in screenwriting for film and television series.  The Mulholland Academy delivers film, acting and performance classes with a view to building the skills and techniques required to access the film and television industry. 

Additional to this, I work with private students offering mentorship and script development depending on my own availability.  

Contact me through the contact page if interested.

Lecturing and Mentorship

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